Horticultural Consultation

See the potential for refinement. Get your garden looking its best.

  • Are you stuck with a garden that isn’t flourishing?

  • Want advice to tackle a tricky area or specific issue you can’t solve?

  • Need general gardening tips and a plan of action you can DIY?

Then a horticultural consultation is for you.
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What is a horticultural consultation?

A horticultural specialist sees your garden through a very specific lens. They understand the evolution of each species and consider how one impacts the other over time. This forward-thinking and intelligent planning is a great asset and investment. It ensures your garden continues to provide interest, excitement and engagement as it matures.

Add a new dynamic
to your garden
with a few clever tweaks

Speaking to a qualified horticultural professional can make all the difference to the success of your landscape. And it’s a cost-effective alternative to full landscape design.

We help you understand exactly what you’re working with and what you can achieve in your garden. From plants, turf and trees to soil drainage, pests and disease, we’ll give you the knowledge to fix your issues and grow from there.

Front on photograph of a stunning Queenslander makeover

Identify new opportunities to enhance your space.

Our horticultural specialists understand plants’ seasonal and life cycles. They evaluate your outdoor space and factors like light, soil quality, climate conditions and more. They’ll recommend which plants should go where to grow their best in response to each other. And factor in your lifestyle, how much maintenance time you can dedicate and the aesthetic you want to create.

Know the next steps to a flourishing garden.

First, we’ll meet you onsite for a chat and full assessment. Then we’ll report back with plant and foliage recommendations, any issues and a range of solutions to make them right. You can put our proposals into action yourself. Or use our itemised quote and have us help you if you prefer.

The front view of the Cactus House - showing the unique cactus style front garden

Ready for specialist knowledge, seamless delivery and sensational results?

Nothing makes us happier than turning lacklustre landscapes into thriving gardens you feel emotionally connected to. When you need ideas and support to make your garden dreams come true Brooke’s Blooms is here to help.

Contact one of our landscape experts today for a chat.