Our mural is our story - where we've come from & where we're heading.

The Story of Brooke's Blooms
Brooke's Blooms HQ mural

The Love

A heart formed by the intertwining of two vines. This is the representative of the love we have for each other and the work we do every day.

From little more than an old beat-up Toyota van, some trusty tools, Brooke and Troy's ever-present and loyal dog Buddah, and a long-standing love for plants and nature.

The catalyst for this amazing mural was to immortalise the significance of this journey and to remind us of the defining ethos of the company – stay grounded, stay humble, but most of all, stay true to our beginnings.

Brooke's Blooms HQ mural
Brooke's profile photograph

Brooke’s Blooms has been built on the sincere belief of togetherness. That as a collective whole we can achieve anything. This mural is representative of this ethos.

When everything else fails we have each other, and that undoubtably is the most important thing in life.

Shout out to Drapl and The Zookeeper

We loved working on the mural with these two legends – be sure to check out their work and support these amazing local artists.

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