Brooke's Blooms

With Brooke’s Blooms, you don’t just get a garden that looks picture perfect on the day it’s installed.
You get a garden that:

The very best —
from start to finish and beyond.

At Brooke’s Blooms, we deliver the best. We don’t cut corners and we don’t compromise on quality.

Why? Because, like all good craftspeople, we take pride in what we do.

For us, this work is not about making the big bucks. It’s about our legacy. It’s about protecting the strong reputation that comes with our name and our work. It’s about the pride we feel when we see gardens we created 20 years ago still growing healthy and strong.

And, most importantly, it’s about creating a great experience and exceptional outcomes for you, our clients.

Perfectionists and proud of it, we take care to do things the right way. Because we want you to be able to enjoy your garden well into the future.

Our commitment

What you can expect.

We use only premium products from trusted and reputable brands

Because when it comes to this kind of work, you get what you pay for. Cheaper alternatives don’t last, aren’t good for your garden and will only end up costing you more money and stress in the long run. And we’d know. Because all too often our team are the ones called in to do the cleanup on substandard jobs.

We don’t just love gardens, we know our stuff

We are experienced and highly skilled gardening and landscape professionals. We’re qualified labourers, talented tradespeople, creative designers, expert horticulturists, dedicated project managers and accomplished landscape architects and constructionists. And we never outsource your work, unless it’s a specialist trade like electrical or plumbing. Because getting the best result is just too important to us.

We will never keep you guessing

We turn up when we say we’ll turn up. We finish the job when we say we’ll finish the job. We deliver exactly what’s included in your quote (no nasty invoice surprises). And in every other way, we do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. So you can be confident your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

We keep it professional

We’re a fun and friendly bunch, but we’re serious about what we do, right down to the smallest details like being responsive to client emails and calls, taking pride in wearing our uniforms and keeping a neat and tidy site.

We’re in it for the long haul

We’re not just interested in creating magazine-ready gardens, we want your outdoor space to be livable and enjoyable. And we want to help you keep it that way. We’ll give you detailed guidance on how to care for your garden to keep it flourishing (or take care of it all for you with our maintenance services). And if any challenges pop up along the way, we’ll be right over to sort them out.

Highly qualified, expert advice
We aren’t just garden enthusiasts but highly qualified, experienced and certified horticulture professionals. Our team will give you expert advice about what will work best for your lifestyle, the conditions of your garden and the look you want to achieve.
It starts from the ground up
Without the right foundations, your garden can’t flourish. That’s why we take ground preparation seriously and allow plenty of time to make sure it is done correctly and with care.
It’s also why we only use soils with high quality ingredients. No weed seeds that will pop up and cause you headaches later. No cheap fillers like ash and rocks that will stunt your plants’ growth.
Top-of-the-line turf
Turf can vary greatly in quality and price. We don’t use the cheapest stuff because we don’t want to give you a cheap result. And we know you don’t want to be dealing with turf issues later down the track. Our turf suppliers are fully certified and provide quality-controlled products. No lawn grubs, weeds or nutgrass in sight.
Perfect plants
Our accredited nursery suppliers provide plants that have been grown using tissue culture. To put it simply, the quality of the plants we bring to your garden is second to none. Which means you avoid diseases and growth issues.
Superior trees
Advanced trees are one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your garden. We source NATSPEC grown advanced trees that have been grown the correct way to ensure you get a good return for your investment. NATSPEC grown trees are a premium product and carry a premium price. But trees that haven’t been grown to NATSPEC standards often do not transplant well and can cause many issues, from collar rot to stunted growth. Not to mention the potential heartbreak that can come if they don’t survive.
Outstanding features
The pots, statues and features we choose with you are made from the best materials so they can withstand the conditions of Queensland’s great outdoors from heat to wild rain and everything in between. So you get many years of joy from your investment.
Impeccable irrigation installation
Our irrigation team are certified and trained to make sure your plants get the right amount of water at the right times, all year round. Our team will come back after installation to check that everything is working as it should be, adjust things as needed and give you a thorough run you through of your system so you know exactly how to use it.

Find out how your garden could bloom.

Let us turn your garden into the serene space you’ve always dreamed of, where nature and the built environment seamlessly blend to create functional and beautiful spaces.