#Wearetogether – Brooke’s Blooms Theme for 2022

Team work makes the dream work.

This is one of our core philosophies at Brooke’s Blooms. Our business just wouldn’t be what it is today without the combined efforts of lots of individuals coming together as a team. It starts with Brooke and Troy, and their commitment to helping everyone bring their best selves to work. This spreads through all the Brooke’s Blooms team members.

We have project teams, management teams, admin teams, social teams, and one big Brooke’s Blooms team. Everyone has a role to play that makes the most of their individual strengths and interests to create something bigger and better than themselves.

But more than that, we also have a big ecosystem of partners across our suppliers, architects, builders, electricians, plumbers, and other trusted service providers that all work together towards a common goal – creating one-of-a-kind dream landscapes for you.

So, what makes a good team?

  • Open, honest and regular communication
  • Focused on shared goals and results
  • Everyone pulls their weight
  • Supporting each other professionally and personally
  • Open to sharing diverse ideas and solutions
  • Have strong leadership that everyone trusts
  • Stay organised and on top of the workload
  • They have fun!

All of these are important to us at Brooke’s Blooms, but the last one is a real focus for. Our jobs can be demanding, both physically and mentally, so it is key that we encourage our teams to have fun together both on the job and socially outside of work – while always being professional.

This is one of the reasons we invest in our annual team building day. We take the entire team off to participate in some kind of adventure – like the RAW extreme obstacle course last year. Brooke and Troy know just how valuable it is to nurture the team through shared experiences and building strong team bonds. Stay tuned to see what we get up to in our team building day this year!

Another part of our teamwork philosophy is that we support each other to be our best. To show up every day and bring our best selves to our client projects, and to our fellow team members. And then carry that back into our relationships with family and friends. We always strive to be there for one another and have each other’s back.

We also see ourselves as being part of our client’s team. Working together with them to design their dream garden, helping them build it and then coming back regularly to maintain it. The project teams for each client dedicate a lot of effort to understanding what our client’s really want from their garden. We are also committed to educating and teaching our clients too, so they can be more engaged with their gardens, recognise the plants and cycles and be as active in the maintenance as they want to. We all work together to keep those dreams blooming.

We take our role as contributing members in our broader community very seriously. Last year our theme was #weloveyou, recognising and thanking our community for their support. We sought out new opportunities to give back to the community, including our day spent revamping the sensory garden at the RSPCA Animal Care Campus in Wacol, Brisbane. Our focus on giving back to our community will continue in 2022 and all the Bloomies are looking forward to getting our hands dirty in support of good causes.

Investing in our team makes us more productive, more focused, more creative and more resilient. Delivering amazing garden projects to our clients is what we are here for and working together to achieve great things is how we make it happen.

If you are looking for an awesome team to help make your dream garden a reality, then Brooke’s Blooms are the right choice! Get in contact and we can have a chat about how our team can bring their A-game to your project.

Find out how your garden could bloom.

Let us turn your garden into the serene space you’ve always dreamed of, where nature and the built environment seamlessly blend to create functional and beautiful spaces.

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