Getting RAW and dirty helps our team thrive

ust like the gardens we care for, a thriving and productive team requires careful attention and management to create the optimal conditions for growth.

Our fearless leaders Brooke and Troy have always been committed to nurturing their team and helping them flourish. They know their team is the cornerstone of making client’s dream landscapes come to life. And over the past few months the team at Brooke’s Blooms has been expanding, with some super talented, experienced and enthusiastic crew members coming on board.

Plants sometimes need a burst of nutrients to prime them for growth. Brooke and Troy’s version of an intensive course of team fertiliser is for us to all take part in the annual team building adventure.

This year the team returned to the RAW Challenge on the Gold Coast. An extreme obstacle course, the challenge is designed to push us to our limits physically and mentally all while having a ton of fun…and getting a little dirty!

The day was AH-MAY-ZING! Sooo much fun. We pulled ourselves up and over walls, swung off ropes, waded through mud, conquered the cargo net summit, and ran ourselves ragged. At the end of the day we were wet, tired, and aching. But we never stopped smiling. And we would totally go back and do it all again 😀

Getting together outside of work for a shared experience is an instant boost to team spirit and morale. Supporting each other through the obstacles, encouraging each other and sharing a laugh goes a long way towards forming strong team bonds. We have created fond memories that will be revisited many times over the next twelve months, and probably longer. Even more importantly, we got to know each other outside of our work, and that will help us work better together on the job.

Why do we invest in team building exercises? Because all those benefits help make the Brooke’s Blooms team more productive, more focused, more creative and more resilient. And this helps us deliver better results for our clients across our design, build and maintain projects.

Earlier this year we chose #weloveyou as our theme for the year. We wanted to express our gratitude to the community that supports us. Delighting our clients is at the core of everything we do. And a big part of this is about supporting the physical, mental and emotional health of all our team members. Because when we are happy and thriving, we are in a better place to bring our best selves to your projects.

If you are looking for someone to help bring the vision of your dream landscape to life, then Brooke’s Blooms are your team! Get in touch and we can have a chat about how we can bring the best of our team to your garden project.

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