Tough Mudder Team Building

Two weeks ago, we took on tough Mudder, and completed the 5km team challenge.  We were so excited; dressed in our team shirts we couldn't wait to see what the day had installed for us.

It was a wet and cold day but nothing was stopping us, nor taking away our big smiles.

We arrived full of energy and started our warm up as soon as we could. We began with leg kicks, squats and more squats and I'm telling you now my legs were already starting to hurt.

It was go time. We took off running and before we knew it, there it was, our first obstacle The Devils Beard. It was a massive 1,500 square feet of netting. The team started going through meanwhile I'm standing there thinking 'wow if these guys are struggling to get through how are the rest of us meant to get through'. Finally, it was my turn and this obstacle was definitely an eye opener to what the day had install for us. It was raining and we couldn't even stay up on our feet as it was that slippery! But no one gave up and we got through it.

Obstacle two the 'Kiss of Mud'. All we could see was this section of barbed wire, heads started turning to one another saying 'no way'. It was just rows of barbed wire with less than 18 inch clearance between you and the floor. We pumped each other up, encouraging one another. And as each person went through, heads down and bums down, sliding through sloshy mud, we all shouted out 'you can do it'. Most of us came out the other side with mud head to toe in mud but it was so worth it.

We then approached the 'Berlin Walls'. This wall was so tall I nearly broke my neck trying to look at the top. We had to pause and come up with a strategy on how we were going to get everyone over the wall. We decided the two strongest males, Herbie and Christian would be the lifters. They kneeled at the bottom and locked their hands. I put one foot on their hands and then we began to count. On three, I pushed off my other leg and they pushed me up with their hands. Unfortunately, a couple of us didn't make it on the first go (wet and muddy hands didn't help), but those that didn't make it on the first, had another crack and got over on their second attempt. A great effort!'

The block ness monster' was our fourth obstacle. Now this obstacle was a row of 60ft slick, rotating barriers. We had to push, pull and roll our way through them. This was certainly an obstacle that tested our team bond.

Now 'Mud Mile' is an obstacle that is there to test if your team will come out as one or end up stuck for good. This massive mud pit was built with pits deeper than ever, they were mounded and cut into angles steeper then you could imagine. It didn't just test us physically but also mentally. We had sweat (and a lot of mud) pouring down our faces as we dug our fingers and feet into the mud to try and pull ourselves through. All be it filthy, we came out the other side as one.

Up to our 6th obstacle the 'Black Hole'. We crawled our way through. It was pitch black and we had 45kgs of water resting on our backs as we squished our way through. I've never been so happy to see everyone's faces at the end of that obstacle.

Now if anything was going to make the team tired it was the 'Soldier Sling'. We were standing in a massive grass field paired up, one person had to run while carrying the other on their back. There were some interesting techniques going on that's for sure.

'Everest' is a 15-foot-tall wall, with a curved top which makes it difficult to get any grip on the top. Standing under this was pretty nerve racking. This was the hardest obstacle of the day. There were a few other teams ahead of us and only a few made it up. It was our turn and we all gave it a red-hot crack, but the only person that made it up was Josh Bray! We clapped with cheered, we were all so proud of him.

Up to our 9th obstacle the 'Spread Eagle'. Three lines of rope and we had to get down on our all fours, balancing and pulling ourselves across these ropes to get to the other side. We had both arms, feet and legs on the outside ropes and our body resting on the middle rope, and like a creepy crawly we slowly edged our way to the other side. I've never shook so much before! It was pretty funny watching the team give it a go and listening to all the chats and noises while they tried holding on for their life.

Bruised and muddy we arrived at the final obstacle the 'Happy Ending'. This 25-foot drop is Tough Mudder's biggest obstacle.

We were all stoked to make it to the end. Sitting at the top of this epic drop, arm in arm we slid down as a one. Challenge completed! I was so proud and impressed with the team and their performance.

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