Team interviews // Ella

Meet Ella, our dedicated Landscape Design Assistant at Brooke's Blooms, bringing over 2 years of passion and expertise to our team. Ella thrives on the diverse challenges presented by each unique landscape, relishing the opportunity to craft customized modern planting palettes that breathe life into any landscape.

Among the array of styles she encounters, Ella has developed a special affinity for the Eclectic Garden Style. This distinctive approach combines elements from various styles, resulting in gardens that are truly one-of-a-kind. It's in this realm that Ella's creativity truly flourishes, as she infuses each project with a blend of innovation and personal flair.

Beyond the world of landscaping, Ella finds joy in exploring new horizons. Whether she's strolling along the beach, discovering culinary delights at new dining spots, or embarking on adventures with her furry companion, Ella's zest for life is evident in everything she does.

A true trendsetter in the industry, Ella stays ahead of the curve by immersing herself in the latest developments and innovations in residential and commercial landscaping. Her travels to different locales serve not only as inspiration but also as opportunities to glean fresh insights and techniques that elevate her designs to new heights.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep-rooted understanding of plant biology, Ella's designs seamlessly marry functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. She approaches each project with a commitment to building strong relationships with her clients, ensuring that their unique vision is not only realized but exceeded. By combining her expertise with her clients' aspirations, Ella creates landscapes that are not only beautiful but also everlasting.

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