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Meet Christian, our Development and Maintenance Manager at Brookes Blooms, whose green thumb and passion for garden maintenance have blossomed over the past seven years. With a rich background in balancing high-end residential and acreage landscapes, Christian has not only cultivated thriving gardens but also his own flourishing career within the company.

Christian's journey into the world of garden maintenance began seven years ago, marked by a deep-rooted love for transforming outdoor spaces. His expertise lies in finding the perfect balance between the meticulous care required for high-end residential gardens and the vast expanses of acreage landscapes. Christian's commitment to his craft and attention to detail have made him an invaluable asset to the Brookes Blooms team.

Outside the hustle and bustle of the workweek, Christian finds solace in the tranquillity of his own garden. On weekends, he dedicates time to cultivate his personal oasis, showcasing a true labour of love. It's not just about maintaining gardens for Christian; it's a lifestyle and a passion that extends beyond the workplace.

In addition to nurturing his green spaces, Christian is an avid sports enthusiast. He follows both NRL and AFL, demonstrating a well-rounded personality that extends beyond the garden gates. The weekends also see him on the golf course, where he trades his garden tools for golf clubs, enjoying the outdoors in a different way.

A pivotal moment in Christian's career unfolded in 2022 when he was awarded Apprentice of the Year, a recognition that echoed his dedication and excellence in garden maintenance. This milestone not only celebrated his achievements but also opened doors to new opportunities. 

Shortly after receiving this prestigious award, Christian was promoted to the role of Development Manager of the Maintenance Team at Brookes Blooms. This marked a significant achievement in his career, showcasing not only his gardening skills but also his leadership qualities.

Christian's journey with Brookes Blooms is a testament to the company's commitment to fostering talent and recognizing hard work. The transition from apprentice to manager reflects the culture of growth and development that defines the company.

As the Development and Maintenance Manager, Christian now oversees a team of skilled professionals, bringing his wealth of experience and passion to inspire the next generation of garden enthusiasts. His story is not just one of personal success but also an embodiment of Brookes Blooms' dedication to nurturing talent within its ranks.

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