Making a Statement

Brisbane's River Bar & Kitchen is called 'an oasis in the city', with its river front location, astounding views, delectable al fresco meals and impressive array of drinks.

When it comes to making a different kind of statement, our beautiful fully-grown hibiscus tree takes centre stage. During the day, its tropical flowers delight. But at night it truly comes into its own. Decked with lights, it becomes a glamourous woman wearing a necklace of sparkling diamonds, spreading its glorious branches to provide a unique experience for the many happy patrons drawn to this unique venue.

Since 2010

Since the River Bar & Kitchen first opened its doors in 2010, we've been greening and colouring the oasis, designing, installing and maintaining plantings to enhance the venue and its awesome reputation.

And that has also meant adapting to the changing elements - to floods, storms, bushfires and droughts. That's an integral part of the landscaping process. We've now brought three iterations of the oasis to life, each one similar in planting and style.

And the River Bar's amazing managers have embraced the changes and supported our planting decisions along the way.

Colour and florals

But the latest look brings colour and florals to match the bar's eccentric and popular character. Vibrant red Mandevillea hangers continuously bloom. Massed plantings of tropical canna lilies add splashes of green and gold. Everywhere you look, there's colour and form. And now the divine scent of frangipani delicately fills the air.

At the heart is still the hibiscus tree, which has shown its strength through the trauma of the elements and damage it sustained. This just goes to show that you can't keep a great lady down.

It's been a privilege to be part of such a landmark venue as the River Bar & Kitchen-right from its inception to the current day-making it truly earn its reputation as Brisbane's oasis in the city.

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