Green Walls

Something we are getting a lot more requests for is green walls also known as vertical gardens.

Whether it's for commercial properties or residential properties they are all the rage at the moment and it's easy to see why they're a crowd favourite.

Apart from the fact they look incredible and add a pop of lushness to even the smallest of spaces, indoor or outdoors, they are low maintenance and so incredibly versatile. Doesn't matter if you have a large back yard, small back yard or no back yard at all there is space for a vertical garden. In a fast-paced world where time and space is getting less and less, the appeal of these vertical gardens are on the up.

They aren't just 'green' or 'plain' you can have hints of colour and texture throughout using various different plants to achieve the affect you desire.

A vertical garden done well can be hard to spot, I'm sure you've wandered past many before without even noticing that's what they were.

With an ever-growing concrete footprint, this is the splash of greenery we (and the environment) need!

Find out how your garden could bloom.

Let us turn your garden into the serene space you’ve always dreamed of, where nature and the built environment seamlessly blend to create functional and beautiful spaces.

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