Gardening Myths Busted

Some of the questions I get asked, stem back to old wife's tales or myths. Some strangely are spot on but for most they are incorrect.

Here are some commonly asked gardening myths - busted!

Fertiliser, too much of a good thing can't hurt.

When it comes to fertilising precise measurements and products is so important. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Over fertilising or using the wrong product for your plants or trees can be detrimental.

Drought-tolerant plants don't need to be watered

Drought-tolerant for a plant means that it is able to endure specified conditions or treatment. It doesn't mean that they do not need water. It means they can withstand long periods of time without water before being effected. Be mindful though that when planting 'drought-tolerant' plants that they will require more watering than not in their first year before they are established. But even when established even the toughest of plants will benefit from a monthly soaking.

Can water droplets burn plant leaves?  

So often we hear that it's not good to water your plants in the middle of the day as the sun can turn water droplets into little magnifying glasses and burn the leaves. After years of this myth going around and countless experiments to prove whether this is the case, it has been proven that burning a leaf with a water droplet does not happen on a smooth leaf, and is just barely possible on a hairy leaf.

Organic pesticides are safer than synthetic ones

Natural doesn't always make something safe. Snake venom is natural, but it's not safe just like Cyanide. While an organic pesticide may sound better, there are many natural toxins used in the products that are potentially hazardous to people, pets and garden inhabitants such as bees and frogs.

Australian native plants do not need to be fertilised

It is true, our Australian natives are quite hardy and can withstand our hot summers and extreme weather but like any other plant they will grow much better if they have been fertilised.

There are indoor plant that can grow without light

Wrong! There are no plants that can grow in the dark. There are some that tolerate less sunlight than others but they need some light albeit indirect, it's still needed.

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