Down and Dirty on Tiger Team Day

Brooke's Blooms team members are not just about landscaping, planting and maintaining beautiful gardens for you. They're into much tougher, heart-racing activities on their Tiger Team Day.

This year's annual team day event saw them excel themselves. They took on a RAW Challenge on the Gold Coast. Then they headed for their celebratory dinner at sAme sAme Restaurant for a night to remember - after they'd cleaned up, of course.

They had planned their annual Team Day for earlier in the year. But they waited until it was safe to go ahead, and boy, was it worth the wait! Friday August 7 was their Team Day.

Protocols followed

Needless to say that the team followed all protocols enforced by the RAW Challenge, and later at sAme sAme, to ensure COVID-19 rules and guidelines were followed to the letter and social distancing was a given.

RAW fun

The team joined in wholeheartedly, tackling the course with gusto - and making the most of the mud.

Climbing, sliding, crawling, you name it, the team did it. Everyone worked closely together on the 'field of play' and helped each other through difficult obstacles - and there were many of those. And the camera caught plenty of unforgettable moments.

RAW is about building strength, stamina and mental toughness and the team felt a huge sense of achievement at finishing the course. And there were plenty of laughs shared along the way, which increased with every muddy action.

sAme sAme

Then everyone headed for home, to ease their aching bones and wash away that mud, before changing and heading for sAme sAme for a night of drinks and fantastic Asian food.

What a great way to celebrate 2020 so far, in what has been a year of unique challenges.The team spirit was already strong but Tiger Team Day increased the bond between all members and gave them an unforgettable experience.

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