Annual Team Day - Dreamworld

The annual Team Day this year saw the team head down the M1 and through the gates of famous Dreamworld, located on the Gold Coast.

We gathered early, and commenced the day welcomed by our Dreamworld Challenge facilitator who gave us a brief rundown of the day. The excitement was building as the teams got together and the competitive spirit in all of us started to overflow.

Ahead of us was the ultimate scavenger hunt. Each team with a map in hand and challenge booklet set off in every direction. There were questions and challenges that lead us all over the park including the towering heights of the Tower of Terror.

With penalties handed out to those who exceeded the time limit of the challenge, the team were quick on their feet running from one end of the park to the other even hopping aboard the famous Big Red Car in Wiggles World - not a ride for the faint hearted.

After completing the scavenger hunt we were treated to a buffet lunch where the winning team was announced and prizes were given out. Our winning team managed to rack up the highest score of any team that has completed the challenge before us.

The challenge got us to work together in ways that were outside of the usual day-to-day that we are used to. It challenged us to take risk individually and as a team. But as we had the support of one another it wasn't as daunting, building on the already existing bond and respect between all team members.

I just love days like this. Watching the team push their limits and strengthen the unity that we are so lucky to have as a business is a pleasure to watch.

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