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A well-designed garden is only as good as its maintenance program 😉

When someone invests a lot of time, effort and money into creating the landscape of their dreams the last thing we want is to see it succumb to overgrowth, poor irrigation and lack of nutrition. This is why we treat our maintenance projects with just as much importance as our design and construction work.

One of our more recent maintenance projects has been Arcos Villa. Located in Paddington, this property features a stunning European-inspired luxury villa built in 2020 by Graya ™. It is fast becoming an iconic location known for its architecture, garden, and photogenic qualities. You can check them out on Instagram via @arcos_villa – just be prepared for some major house and garden envy!

The garden was designed and installed by Green Care, and features a central lawn space, suspended terrace garden beds, and a large variety of plant species ranging from cascading ground covers to shrubs and climbers. It was great to see the designers incorporate Brooke’s recommendations to use Kauri Pines and Water Gums as the main tree species that will grow to create a dense screening wall.

Brooke’s Blooms is now responsible for the ongoing maintenance of this distinctive property, and we take a lot of pride in following a strict scope of work to keep the lawn and garden in premium condition. Team leader Jack runs a tight ship and reports back to the project managers on a fortnightly basis.

One of the unique aspects of Arcos Villa is the suspended terrace garden beds. Sitting above ground level, and not being directly connected to the building, makes access a bit challenging. The team needs to use harnesses to be able to reach the bed so they can check soil and plant health, take corrective action as needed and undertake pruning and detailing work. Don’t worry, the team has the right qualifications to be dangling in the air, and to be honest they really enjoy the challenge of aerobatic gardening!

The maintenance program for Arcos Villa includes:

  • Fortnightly visits to assess the garden and undertake maintenance activities
  • Year-long fertilising schedule using a mix of fertiliser types and wetting agents to achieve optimum lawn and plant growth and health
  • Moisture and irrigation control to ensure the soil is holding the right amount of moisture for the different plant varieties
  • Pest and disease control measures
  • Pruning, hedging, brush cutting, detailing and mowing to keep the garden spick and span

Arcos Villa builder and owner Rob Gray has invested a lot of time and effort in bringing his vision to life, and we feel privileged to be working with him. It is a great partnership that we look forward to being part of in the future as Arcos Villa matures and evolves.

If you have also built your dream garden and want to see it reach its full potential, then get in contact and we can talk through a tailored maintenance package specific to your needs. From one-off weeding jobs to long term regular maintenance programs, we would love to help care for your garden.

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