The Year That Was

I hope all of your New Year's gardens are blooming despite the heat and lack of rain. I was out on my morning run today and for the first time since the end of last year, I was able to look back on the year that was.

The world saw Donald Trump take office and the Queen become the first British monarch to reach 65 years of reign. North Korea test fired a ballistic missile over the Sea of Japan. Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland and New South Wales forcing at least 20,000 people to leave their home and in November 61.6% of Australians voted Yes.

Although in comparison to the events above our achievements may seem small, we had a huge year. We met some incredible new clients and continued to work with our amazing existing clients. We soared working on high-rise developments and conquering Mt Beerwah. Put the polish on some of Brisbane's finest establishments. Dusted off the suits and dresses for the industries night-of-nights. Packed the boxes and relocated to our new office in Sumner. We got rained on (and hailed on), we got dirty, it was hot more often than not and we worked hard! But like the saying goes, "no pressure - no diamonds" and our team of diamonds delivered. I'm excited to see how far our sparkle will go this year.

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