Holland Park West

To maintain the uninterrupted vistas of the stunning city and mountain landscapes while transforming the area into a sanctuary was our primary design challenge. We incorporated custom-shaped crazy paved steppers that seamlessly weave through the garden. These pathways guide visitors past the landscape mounds to the inviting fire pit area, which overlooks the panoramic view of the Brisbane skyline.

Adding a touch of drama to the design, we've incorporated a reclaimed timber arbour sourced from a historic Melbourne pier. Vertical tension wires will rise, with the Thunbergia vines climbing upwards, showcasing their signature pendulous flowers. This deliberate choice in materiality serves to anchor the space using natural elements amidst its modern ambiences. The timber arbour serves as a frame for the fire pit space, extending over the grassed area, it offers a charming spot with the incorporation of a swing.

Within the fire pit space, the natural flow of the custom-shaped crazy paving continues, and a rendered concrete wall is complemented by a floating spotted gum timber seat. The combination of natural stone, timber seat, and rendered concrete wall achieves a seamless integration of natural and modern aesthetics. The raw texture of the stone pairs elegantly with the sleek lines of the concrete, while the warm timber adds a comforting feeling.

Integrating the tropical theme of the existing gardens into this space presented challenges due to the harsh western sun and the need to preserve the iconic view.

To address these challenges, I curated a planting palette abundant in various shades of green, strategically situating taller borders away from the view. Large leafy Calatheas will serve as a natural screen, with a prominent feature palm positioned towards the back of the lawn space.

Additionally, within the low planting sections, landscape mounds will feature Dioons which are known for their iconic feather-like fronds. Nestled within one of these mounds will be a water feature, introducing soothing sounds of water to enhance the tranquil ambience of the space.

This design has so many fun and unique elements and is a testament to the clientsand their eagerness to have a space that is uniquely theirs. Such high-quality finishes are a testament to the skill of the Brookes Blooms construction team.

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