Forestdale Garden

Recently I had the pleasure of creating a garden that has filled me with joy.

The clients brief was Hawaii. After many family vacations to the Big Island our client fell in love with the tropical style and wished to recreate the same style of garden where they had created so many wonderful family memories.

Given the climate in Forestdale, Brisbane being quite dry and hot, I knew that I would have to get quite creative with the plant choices.

Firstly I incorporated a dry creek bed to run through the entire property. This would form the main feature for the entire garden.

I didn't however want the creek bed to make the garden look like it was in the bush or a native style garden so I surrounded it with sun hardy bromeliads and some Isolepsis nodosa. The creek bed has also solved any drainage issues on the property.

The other three main features in the garden are a cube sculpture and two amazing feature pots which are planted out with Bougainvillea.

The rest of the garden was planted with a variety of tropical plants.

I went a bit crazy with colour and mass planted for effect.

I have incorporated over 38 collectors varieties of Bromeliads that I personally hand selected. So much fun; I was like a kid in a candy shop.

I also used en masse Euphorbia hybrid in 11 different varieties to give all year colour with the Bromeliads.

Elsewhere you will find Heliconia, Zamia Palm, Ginger, Alocasia, Ixora, Costus, Cascade Palm, Pandora, Garlic Vine, Mandevilla, Asplenium and lots more.

We also incorporated lighting to the creek bed, cube and feature pots.

The final result is nothing short of spectacular and I am super proud of myself and my team and all the suppliers that helped bring our vision to life. Also thanks must go to our amazing clients who placed their trust in the Brooke's Blooms team and gave me the freedom to create.

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