Dunkley Residences

The Dunkley Residence embodies a harmonious fusion of timeless Queenslander architecture and contemporary rejuvenation, exuding an elegant charm that transcends eras. 

Effortlessly bridging indoor and outdoor realms, the introduction of expansive stadium steps at the rear deck not only resolves spatial disconnection but also elevates functionality, creating a fluid transition between deck and yard. Alongside, a Corten steel edge gracefully curves around verdant lawns, accentuated by vibrant garden borders and a captivating Olive tree, infusing the landscape with tranquil allure.

Complementing this, polished concrete steppers interspersed with Dichondra seamlessly link the pool area to the residence. The pool, once confined, now breathes freely with the addition of a curved Millboard deck extension, affording ample space for leisurely pursuits and adorned with tasteful feature pots and furnishings, evoking an aura of opulence.

At the rear, a rustic herb and vegetable garden imbues the residence with a sense of home and seclusion, offering a private sanctuary for moments of repose. This thoughtful design caters to myriad activities, from leisurely mornings on the patio to languid afternoons by the pool, ensuring every space is tailored to accommodate diverse needs and preferences.

Central to the project's success is the unwavering enthusiasm of clients Josh and Tippah, whose passion resonates throughout every meticulously crafted detail. In their collaboration, a symphony of elegance and functionality emerges, epitomizing the essence of refined living.

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