Come around to Boomerang House

Did you catch the recent episode of Grand Designs that featured Boomerang House in Ascot? We sure did! Boomerang House is one of our regular garden maintenance properties and we were super excited to see it showcased on Grand Designs 😊

Designed by architect and owner Joe Adsett and built by Graya, Boomerang House is one of the latest examples of Adsett’s talent in modernising the traditional Queenslander style of home. The three-level building was completed in late 2019, and in March 2020 we took on the maintenance of the newly installed landscaped garden. Just like the building, the modern garden design pays homage to the quintessential style of a Queensland garden, while effortlessly highlighting the architectural features of the property.

We started off the maintenance program by undertaking some updates to the garden. The main changes we made included:

  • replanting to add more colour variety
  • substituting plants more suited to the space
  • replacing irrigation
  • upgrading the foundations for the water features

Maintaining separation between lawn and garden bed is really important, so we redid the garden bed edging to avoid grass creeping in. Earlier this year we undertook another garden refurbishment, where we introduced some new plants to enhance the look and feel of the garden.

All of these changes were aligned with Joe’s vision of having a tranquil and calming outdoor space to compliment the indoor family space. We also wanted to make sure the features of the garden were practical in their use and upkeep.

The courtyard that sits on the inside of the L-shape of the house is a real focal point for the family. It encourages fluid movement between the inside and outside spaces. The garden beds sitting alongside the tennis court feature twin jacaranda trees, which bring a stunning splash of purple colour in spring and give great shade over the hot summer. Elsewhere some of the feature plants include:

  • small-leafed camellias that have been under-pruned to give shape and height
  • rosemary, lavender and salvia plectranthus forming a mid-tier of greenery
  • magnolias that will grow to screen off the front of the house from street view.

The maintenance of an iconic property like Boomerang House requires a rigorous program that works with the natural changes of the garden over the seasons. The fertilisation and treatment of the plants is controlled very carefully to encourage flowers all year round. Seasonal pruning is also important to manage growth while working within seasonal cycles. Our weekly maintenance activities include pest and disease control, pruning and training plants, fertilising, irrigation control as well as monitoring overall plant health and planning for the next season.

Our Boomerang House team takes a lot of pleasure and pride in maintaining the garden of such an incredible architectural property, and we are looking forward to seeing the garden grow and develop over the coming years.

If you missed the episode of Grand Designs you can check out Boomerang House on Instagram – seriously, how cool is that staircase!

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