2018 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Written by Lizzy Dormer

The Melbourne international flower and garden show took place at the exquisite Carlton gardens over five glorious autumn days. It was a spectacular showcase of amazing landscape design and beautiful floral works of art.

It was wonderful to see the popularity of native plants, as many of the designs displayed innovative combinations between native and sub-tropical plants.

I particularly liked this mix because the plant selections would work wonders in the Queensland climate too.

There was a real focus on sustainability and creating not only beautiful spaces for humans, but for birds and other environmentally friendly creatures that you would want in your yard.

The floral talent was incredible, and I don't just mean bouquets. There were umbrellas made of flowers, amazing headdress made from citrus and wonderlands created all through a flower collage. It was divine! Walking through the royal exhibition hall and seeing what people can create with flowers, is a phenomenal experience.

We were also treated to a variety of talks and showcases to cater to the beginner or experienced gardener. It was a completely interactive and engaging show with visual delights all over.

There is more to your landscape then just plant selection and this show displayed the amazing and innovate ideas of talented designers and even student designers, which really inspired me as I am currently studying, and cannot wait for the day I may have a garden on display at the Melbourne International flower show.

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