From ideas to design, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Take your garden from a big idea to a real-life sanctuary

It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by your garden. Researching the perfect plants, knowing when to prune and fertilise, keeping on top of the weeding and lawn mowing, the list is endless.
We’re here to make planning and caring for your garden easy with our full range of garden services. We can design the ideal landscaping and plant selections for your space and lifestyle. We can take care of your garden on a regular basis. No matter your needs, Brooke’s Blooms is here to get your outdoor space looking lovely and keep it that way.

Create your vision

Not sure how to make the most of your outdoor spaces? Or maybe you have a vision in mind but need help bringing it to life. Whether you’re starting with a blank canvas or you want to enhance existing gardens and infrastructure, we work with you to create a comprehensive garden design.

We’ll consider your desired look, the climate, sun positioning, soil quality and more. And we’ll provide recommendations about plant choices, landscaping solutions including paving, path ways, decks and patios, garden bed placement, garden art and everything else you need to create a garden paradise.

With our garden design consultations, you walk away with a full report including sketches and a plan, planting schedule, list of materials and photo samples. We’ll also include a quote to put it all into action, using our experienced team and trusted network of suppliers.


Understand the foundations

Have you moved into a new home and the gardens need a bit of care and love? Not sure what that tree is in the corner or why the grass doesn’t seem to grow in that one bald spot?

Our horticultural consultation service is here to help you understand exactly what you’re working with. From plants, turf and trees to soil drainage, pests and disease, we’ll give you the foundational knowledge to fix your garden issues and grow from there.

We evaluate your garden and factors like light, soil quality, the climatic conditions and more. And we’ll provide you with recommendations on which plants will grow best in your space, while still creating the look you want. We also take into consideration your lifestyle, how much maintenance time you’re able to dedicate and the aesthetic you want to create.

With our horticultural consultations, you’ll get a full report including plant recommendations, any issues with your current garden and plants, and a list of solutions for any existing problems. We can also give you a quote to help fix your issues and create your dream garden.


Build your dream garden

Whether you have the designs to bring your garden to life or your outdoor space is simply in need of a spruce up, our construction services put your vision into action.

With our team of experienced garden and landscaping professionals, we provide a full range of services to take your garden from tired and shabby to truly blooming.

Our garden construction services include landscaping such as planting, laying new turf, and sourcing new feature trees. We can also build new raised garden beds and planter boxes, as well as retaining walls, decks, and even Bali huts and gazebos. Whatever your garden construction requirements, Brooke’s Blooms can take care of it all for you, on time and on budget.

Maintenance Services

Relax and enjoy your garden stress-free

Keeping on top of your garden maintenance can be a challenge. Whether you need help with weeding around the home, or a full-service maintenance package for your business, Brooke’s Blooms can help you with both one-off jobs and ongoing contracts.

We can help you with pruning plants, shaping hedges, pest and disease control, weed control, lawn care and mowing, fertilising, mulching, general yard maintenance and end of lease cleans.

We can tailor packages for busy home owners, elderly residents needing an extra pair of hands to keep on top of those bigger jobs, strata garden maintenance, schools, sporting facilities, cafes, restaurants and more.

Lawn Maintenance

Lush lawns just begging for bare feet

Don’t have the time or energy to keep your lawns under control, let alone looking good?

From tailored weed control and turf management to whipper snipping and mowing, get your lawns as close to golfing green perfect as possible with our lawn services. We work on lawns of all types and sizes including acreages, small residential lawns and commercial yards. And our lawn service clients get the same level of care and dedication to perfection as our large scale design projects and horticulture jobs.

Bespoke art and sculpture

Enhance your garden’s natural elements

With a network of talented local and national artists, we can help you source unique, bespoke garden art and sculptures to beautifully enhance the natural elements of your space.

Brooke’s Blooms will hand-deliver your artistic or sculptural elements and situate them within your garden.

Custom Irrigation Systems

Make watering no worries

In today’s climate aware and water savvy world, it’s more important than ever to be responsible with your garden’s irrigation. Turning on the sprinkler, circa 1985 style, is both a waste of water and not great for your plants.

Brooke’s Blooms can design an irrigation system that efficiently delivers water to where your plants need it – their roots. We can install a complete system, including timers, so you can relax knowing that your plants are getting the water they need when they need it, with no waste.

Outdoor Lighting

Shine a light on your garden’s features

Enjoy your garden after dark with fit for purpose outdoor lighting. Whether you need functional lighting to be able to use your garden at night, or a feature light to accent your favourite plants, we can design, install and maintain all your lighting needs. To make sure everything is installed correctly, we partner with our preferred electrical supplier. Our electricians make sure your garden lighting is both functional and safe.

With lighting systems suitable for both home and commercial use, Brooke’s Blooms can help to put your garden in the spotlight.

Ready to get your garden looking positively blooming?

Nothing makes us happier than turning your landscape space into a thriving and healthy gardens. Whether you need ideas on how to make your garden dreams come true or you need help keeping your plants looking fabulous, we’re here to help.

Contact Brooke’s Blooms today for a chat about your garden needs.